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Engraving a champagne bottle

Yes, for the engraving nerds. I am a rebel. A champagne bottle is pressurized and I have heard of one engraver who has mentioned that their customer took the bottle home and it exploded. So much for recycling it later to put flowers in. LOL. Well, it would have to be something that the engraver would have to forewarn the client. It is definitely better to stick to wine bottles.
If you are wondering, I only used a BR-46 diamond bur for this design. I then used a silver rub n buff to match the silver foil up top. I decided not to use a different color wax seal, especially since the pale blue and silver look great together.
I've always loved drawing leaves on trees. Currently trying to do more practice with florals and more botanicals.
The engraver is probably the Tesla of hand engravers, the RAM engraver created especially for Kestrel Montes (InkMeThis is her business name), master engraver and calligrapher.
Stay tuned for more engraving and other art projects. I'm excited to take on this new business venture.

Photo by: Jenny Hansen Photography

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