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Loose style water color with ink botanicals

I envisioned how this custom project was supposed to look. I knew the customer's friend plays the ukulele and sings. I was cognizant of the fact that I had to do some research to make sure that I illustrated the ukulele just right. After some research, I felt like I achieved the look that I was going for. I used several sizes for the Micron pen. (My favorite pen by the way.) It was just the right touch for this piece. (Sizes were: 01,03, and 05)

For this project, the client and I decided to go with a silver metal frame. Her friend loved the finished product. In case you were wondering, Allards Art is family owned and has been a great resource for art supplies, art classes, and framing needs. They are my go to for many of my projects. Allards store has excellent staff and provides great customer service. With the pandemic, it is more critical than ever that we support local businesses.

I look forward to creating more custom art pieces for clients. I think watercolor is my new favorite.

Photo by: Jenny Hansen Photography


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