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Meet the Artist

Michelle Ramolete is a live event artist residing in Fresno, California. She creates beautiful engraving, calligraphy, and artwork for the customer. All work is freehand drawn or lettered. Michelle can be commissioned for a project, or be hired onsite at a special venue.
Michelle is committed to providing an excellent service by using high quality materials to create an elegant piece of art. She comes from a strong line of artists on her father's side of the family. Always seeking to improve her craft, she is willing to go the extra mile by continuing her education in the arts including studying water colors, acrylic, and pointed pen calligraphy. 

The artist is willing to travel based on the customer's needs. Contact Michelle today to elevate client experience or create that forever keepsake. TIA.

Michelle Santiago Ramolete
Mobile: 559.246.8144 

Daou Winery Fresno Artist Michelle Ramolete.jpg
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