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Fresno Artist Michelle Ramolete Bottle Painting and Engraving Photography by Gigi

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Art Commissions

Michelle's Artwork

Fresno Lettering Print .jpg

This is a beautiful lettering collage of Fresno/Clovis on 100 lb paper. Prints still available. Original SOLD.

Photo by: Jenny Hansen Photography

Client requested commission piece: Loose style watercolor with Micron black ink illustration and modern calligraphy on water color paper. Framed by local art store Allards Art. Shipped to Fairfield, California.

Loose Style Watercolor with ink illustration.jpg

Photo By: Jenny Hansen Photography

Loose Style Watercolor Map Oregon with ASL ILY_edited.jpg

This is a commission request for a friend gifting to her friend who just bought a new home (who happens to be a single mom). Watercolor combinations with the ILY hand in American Sign Language. Created on premium watercolor paper with handprinted modern calligraphy of their friend's last name. This piece is very dear to me.

Canvas 1:

Custom piece for 2 wonderful clients who used to live in beautiful Hawaii. They currently live in Florida and each image is created to indicate what is North, South, East, and West of their locations. North (Maine symbol) is the lobster. Acrylic painting with handpainted words and posca paint pen in while to outline the image. 

Set of four canvases shipped to Florida. 


Canvas 2:

If you guessed the Miami Dolphins, you are correct! South of the couple would be Miami. The wife loves teal (husband is flexible), so she and I worked on how this could be a set of paintings for their home. I loved the splashing water at the bottom. I have a technique to make it as realistic as possible.


Canvas 3:

There is an abundance of sea turtles East of the couple. I love how the color transitions and my composition worked out just right to give an abstract feel. This is probably my favorite, if you had to ask me (although I love all four pieces!)


Canvas 4:

West of the couple is Hawaii! This is where they met, wed, and lived for a long time. There will always be a special place in their heart for the Hawaiian islands. 

Marble Surface

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