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Request Custom Engraving

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Marble Surface

3 options:

1) Mail the item to my PO Box (listed on #2). Ex. Your grandmas favorite perfume, your husband/ wife/ partner's Yeti/ Hydroflask/ tumbler, or other product (please check with Michelle to ensure surface can be engraved on. Rub and buff coating cannot be used on tumblers). ***Local customers: Please contact me so we can make an arrangement. 

2) Customer orders the item and gets it sent directly to my PO Box.

1840 Shaw Avenue #105-199 Clovis, CA   93611

3) Michelle picks up the item at our local Macy's or other retailer and then engraves on it.

*Please note: Michelle does not provide the perfume, tumbler, or other product that needs to be engraved. Customer is responsible for paying shipping costs. Please indicate on message box if you would like me to purchase insurance. Depending on the carrier (UPS, FedEx, or USPS), we can discuss pricing options.

The process:

1) Michelle and customer will correspond via phone or email. Deposit required to start the project (typically 1/3 of total price). Projected date of completion will also be discussed.

2) Michelle will send over an email with estimates (contracts will be attached) that the customer will approve. 

3) Once project is completed, customer can send the remainder of the payment.

4) Wait for your beautiful product to arrive and I'm certain Michelle will bring a smile to your face! =0)

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