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Why hire a live event artist?

Now that we are slowly returning to some type of normalcy after being quarantined, have you ever thought about hiring a live event artist for your next party, wedding, or other special event? Photo booths and other forms or entertainment are great, but have you thought of something unique, personal, and much more memorable for your guests?

Something for businesses to consider: how about for your next brand activation or new product launch? Wouldn't it be a great idea to present this at your next meeting with managers? Sales have been known to increase up to 40% with hiring a live event artist. More than likely, customers will return to your establishment and become regular clients.

Another perspective: People come for the experience, and they stay for the story. Guests have the opportunity to watch the personalization unfold from beginning to end. Beautiful calligraphy can be etched by hand with Michelle's portable engraver. It is compact, quiet, and can create an elegant setup at any venue indoors or outdoors. While guests experience their unique customization, they get to enjoy the friendly welcoming smile, the small talk, my jokes (maybe not the corny ones, lol); overall, customers can enjoy the company of a person, rather than a machine. The experience is not only memorable; it allows the person to commemorate the special event with a forever keepsake.

The picture above is a beautiful set up at Duty Free Shops at San Francisco International Airport. I got to meet the best tourists and travelers who gifted luxury perfumes and colognes for themselves or for their loved ones. Some even purchased several fragrances once they realized I was doing customization.

I want to especially thank the staff at DFS and Go Local Promos for hiring me at this event. Excited as we gear up for the holiday season. I look forward to sharing more future projects and live events with you! To those who continue to support and encourage me, thanks a million! ;0)

~Michelle Ramolete,



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