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Starting fresh: New Year resolutions

Let's face it. We all have goals at the beginning of each year, but do we really stick to it? I'm guilty of writing copious lists and plans, but maybe I might achieve only a third of the list. Although 2020 was extremely difficult and challenging for many of us, 2021 has been promising. I started taking a business coaching class from the Wander Crafter and I learned many things. One of the lessons I learned is to control the urge to shop till I drop. Ah yes, the shiny object syndrome! Things I have convinced myself: "...but it's on sale!" "They may not have these items next season!" "I think this will sell!" Whatever it is we try to say to ourselves, we need to pause and think. Is it really necessary?
The month of January appeared promising as I realized it was the last month I had to make a payment for my personal loan (insert shocked emoji here). That felt good. Now I just have to continue on this path of being careful and selective with what I purchase.

Another thing that I need to remember is that there are lots of free tutorials on YouTube. (Picture below shows a tutorial from Alphonso Dunn, one of the most amazing published Black Artists.) It isn't just the shiny objects at the store. It's also the numerous amount of classes that are available online. There are a plethora of ads that bombard us on social media. To be honest, this one has been tough for me. I do realize, however, that I have to figure out what my specific goals are in order to benefit from a class or two. For instance, the next goal is to be hired by businesses to do lettering murals. I have a 3.5' x 5' chalkboard I plan on practicing on to create a portfolio. I don't need to sign up for 3 or 4 classes just to achieve this.

Besides the shopaholic tendencies, I can also be guilty of having too many eggs in different baskets. I think in order to continue to the path of success, I need to jot down a shorter list of achievable goals. It's important not to be overwhelmed and overachieve. Instead, focus on the task at hand, take deep breaths, and be present in the moment. It's healthy to have big goals, but with hard work, determination, and perseverance all things will come to fruition.

Photo by: Jenny Hansen Photography


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